The Reservoir Restaurant was founded by Vincenza Agnellino in 1935. Its original location was on the corner of 14th and 9th Avenue in the heart of the 14th ward in Newark, NJ.

The 14th ward was one of three Italian enclaves in Newark with numerous amounts of bakeries, markets, special Italian stores and shops. The Reservoir was known as one of the first places to make “tomato pie”, which is now known as pizza. Their delicious tomato pie helped them earn the name “Home of the Original Pizza Pie”. Their small menu, along with pizza, included homemade raviolis, veal cutlets and daily specials.

Later on, in 1965, The Reservoir relocated to its current location at 106 W. South Orange Avenue in South Orange, NJ. Three generations later, The Reservoir carries on the same traditions with a much larger menu, but the same recipe for its famous pizza. Additionally, it now offers catering for large or small parties and can seat up to 45 people in its private party room.

The Reservoir is now owned by the grandchildren of Vincenza Agnellino who are keeping the family tradition alive. In the first year of The Star Ledger’s Munch Mobile, The Reservoir was named the “leader in reader recommendations.” Over the past 70 years, it has become a favorite family place for all ages, from its original customers of the 30’s to today’s generation of new customers.